FST Impact


The final evaluation of UKCF’s Fair Share Trust was a big undertaking. Initiated by the Big Lottery Fund to bring their funding to areas that had not historically been in receipt of the Fund’s grant aid, £50m was invested in a Trust and made available into 80 neighbourhoods across the UK over a 10 year period to make a positive, lasting difference of improved confidence, skills, experience and networks within local communities. Icarus’ role was to pull together all of the monitoring data and impact evidence across this period, as well as undertake additional research to understand the difference Fair Share Trust had made in the participating areas. This included development of a website where we collected personal reflections, films and other materials from participants, and facilitated dialogue between users to consider the learning that came out of the programme overall. The end products were summary impact reports for each of the four home nations, plus a UK wide paper (originally in an online magazine format) and an assessment of the delivery model. These reports can be accessed at: