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Privacy statement


Icarus Collective Ltd (Icarus) recognises that the lawful and correct treatment of personal data is very important to working successfully and to maintaining the confidence of clients and any subjects of research or evaluation.

Icarus is a limited liability company, registration number 04287646. Our registered office is at The Old Vicarage, St. John Street, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, United Kingdom, DE6 1GP.

This statement sets out the standards that you can expect from us in handling any information you entrust to us. It is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
We may hold personal data where you are a director of the company, a sub-contractor, client or participant in a piece of work we are commissioned to undertake. We may also hold personal data where you have provided contact details as part of subscribing to our electronic updates.



Our commitments:

  • We only collect and process information we need.
  • We will set out the reasons for the collection of information, ask for your permission to use it, and only use it for those reasons.
  • Your personal information is only seen by people authorised by Icarus in order to undertake a specific piece of work or activity.
  • We will never provide your personal information to third-parties without your permission.
  • We will never sell your personal data.
  • Any information which we no longer need is deleted unless we are compelled to keep it by law.
  • We will provide a facility for you to know what personal data we hold.
  • Any inaccurate or misleading information is checked and corrected as soon as you bring this to our attention.
  • We will deal promptly with any complaints that you make.



Any changes to this statement will be updated on our website:



Contact us
Our organisation’s Data Controller is Helen Bovey and they can be contacted at